A Modernized Approach to Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Plan will be tailored and drafted for you.
The final product is ultimately delivered to you Faster, Better, Smarter.
With clear recommendations and definable next steps.

That is my mission, and it is entirely divergent from any other approach you've seen (in a good way).

Is Financial Planning right for you? Here are some helpful questions:

        Financial Planning Questions for Individuals:
- Are you on track for retirement? Or to help your kids pay for college?
- Would it be helpful to have all of your different accounts organized under one roof?
- Are you saving money in a bank account yielding 0%?

- Are your investments and retirement dollars properly diversified? Too safe? Too aggressive? 
- Are you paying too much in tax every year?

        Financial Planning Questions for Business Owners:
- Are you fully aware of the investment and tax-saving strategies available to your business?
- Do you have a succession plan or exit strategy?

- What measures are you taking to to increase the valuation of your business for a future sale?- Do you have employees that are essential to the business? If yes, what measures are you taking to retain and reward them?

My email address is Keith.Llanas@nm.com
Send me an email when you get a chance.  Hopefully you'll discover the brighter side of Generation Y.  Thanks,

- Keith


Keith Llanas, J.D.

Financial Advisor

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